Puppies are now Available!

Here at Big Tree Kennels we put our kennel on top priority our customers are no different. Upon arrival to new homes at 3 days of age tails are docked and declaws are removed and puppies are examined by our vet. At 3 weeks of age we begin de worming puppies this process is repeated every 3 weeks until puppy departs to its new home. At 4 weeks of age we give a vaccination shot which is repeated every 4 weeks until puppy departs. A healthy puppy is the only way here at Big Tree Kennels. At 4 weeks of age we begin taking deposits of $250, which is non-refundable. We conduct business on a first come first serve basis. Once we have received a deposit on a puppy we create a start up folder for you the new owner and for the puppy which will include what has been done and what needs to be done just to ease some worries you might have. Don't worry we offer a lifetime support we're just a phone call away.

Thank you for your time.

One of the responsibilities of which Corso breeders are most conscious, is the placement of puppies.
A Corso is not everyone's dog and care must be exercised.
Weaning process begins about the eighteenth to twenty-first day.
A Corso requires affection, discipline and companionship and has a desire to share his life with his owner.
Through experience we find that people purchasing pups ask many questions. The general questions are feeding, exercising, standard, showing, and obedience. We get regular calls, and we encourage people to tell us new developments of the Pups. We Take pride in satisfying the Corso family.